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    Welcome to The Dial House! We are happy to help you with your clock! Please review the information below before shipping your dial. Below is our new shipping address:


 The Dial House

3873B Buchanan Hwy.

Dallas, GA 30157

   When your package arrives, we examine and photograph the contents. An acknowledgment estimating cost and time will be mailed or emailed. Your dial is then put right into work. Any special instructions such as changes in our standard antique finish or original patterns must be included in writing, inside your package.
     A large well padded box will withstand jolts and gets better attention in shipping. Please put all painted dials in a clear zip-lock bag before placing in a well padded box. Paint from antique clock dials often contains lead paint. It will keep our staff protected from lead exposure if contained in zip-lock bag. Extra pieces such as back plates, mechanisms should be removed before shipping. Please only send the clock dial. We will recommend your local clock shop if you need help removing your dial from your clock.

     We have had great success with shipping all dials in cardboard boxes. Please do not send dials in wooden boxes or padded envelopes. A packing list of the dials enclosed as well as your name secured to the back of each dial is the best insurance. Packages are seldom lost, but outside identification can become difficult to read. If there is no identification on the inside, the contents will go to the dead letter office or salvage store. We insure everything we return for the replacement cost of the dial, unless otherwise instructed.
    We mail completed work daily with a signature required card. Packages should never be left at the door. If no one is home, a notice will be left and the package returned to the Post Office to be held 30 days for pickup or redelivery. Total refinishing of a dial is usually completed in 10 to 12 weeks. Our backlog varies so if completion time is crucial to you, please get in touch before shipping.


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