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Pricing 2023

Touch up work is estimated on the time needed to achieve the best possible results. Evaluation and alternatives will be given after we have the dial in hand. Non binding estimates can be given from pictures or copies of the dial in question. Pictures can also be sent via E-mail.

Printed dials on painted, silver or brass backgrounds start at $200 and increase slightly with size or unusual lettering.

Hand decorated dials vary greatly according to amount and type of decoration.

OG dials with decorated corners $225.00

Moon phase wheels $300.00 up


Brass & silver multiple piece tall case dials start at $900.00


New plates, zinc, brass, steel or aluminum cut to your pattern 30 cents per sq. inch.


Paper dials applied to your plate $175


Rings and bezels must be removed at a cost of $45.00 each. They can be polished and lacquered or left with the original patina. Treatment depends on appearance of the rest of the clock. We will look for your instructions. 

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